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-isiZulu.net Zulu - English Dictionary

isiZulu.net Zulu - English Dictionary
- Download the Zulu Dictionary
(Version 1.0.0, Windows/PC)
This is a downloadable version of the http://isizulu.net/ online dictionary. The downloadable version brings several advantages over the online version, such as MS Word integration. The software will be time-limited until you enter an activation code, which you can obtain upon purchase. The price is $14 (or 11.50 Euro, or approximately R107). Buy Now » Try Now »
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isiZulu.net Zulu - English Dictionary

• Fast startup
• Fast search
• Close to 14,700 entries (+/- 9700 Zulu - English entries with 10,700 translations, and +/- 5000 English - Zulu entries)
• "Smart search" for Zulu compound words (morphological-decomposition-based) such as "sizobanqoba", giving you a breakdown of the component morphemes and search results for each (e.g. "si-zo-ba-nqoba") without requiring grammatical knowledge of the compound word formation. This is a major boon to learners of Zulu, as this area is one of the major challenges for novices.
• Displays related cross-references (incoming and outgoing) of the current entry
• "Linked view" automatically displays related entries on the other side of the dictionary
• (Ideal for translators and learners) Microsoft Word Integration: Instantly see the results of dictionary lookups of the word you are standing on in Microsoft Word
• Quickly launch Google search or Google image search for the currently selected word (with shortcut keys)


Zulu - English Dictionary TshwaneDJe
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