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-Thai-Svensk Ordbok (Thai-Swedish Dictionary)

This excellent Thai-Svensk Ordbok (Thai-Swedish Dictionary) by Fredrik Almstedt includes regular free automatic updates and is available now for use on Windows-based computers.

More screenshots, usage information, support, general Thai-Svensk trivia and answers to your questions are available on the official Facebook page and Twitter.

- Download the free Thai Svensk Ordbok (Thai-Swedish Dictionary) trial now! (Version 1.0.18, Windows/PC)

The trial is fully functional, but time-limited in use until you enter an activation code, which you obtain upon purchase for just $33.
Purchase/Activation can be easily done from inside the trial application or click here to Buy Now »
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Thai-Svensk Ordbok - Features and Screenshots

Thai Svensk Ordbok

• Free regular automated updates that are light on bandwidth usage.
• Over 35,000 words and phrases and growing. Pronunciation statements with IPA and audio playback of over 7900 high quality spoken pronunciations of Thai words.
• Fast search, with basic wildcard abilities.
• Use the dictionary in either Swedish or English
• Easily view and jump between related words.

Thai Svensk Ordbok

• Fast startup and light on resources.
• Works on all versions of Windows from XP onwards.
• Ideal for translators and learners.
• Quickly launch Google search or Google image search for the currently selected word (with shortcut keys)

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