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Afrikaans - Japanese Dictionary / Afrikaans-Japannese Woordeboek (アフリカーンス語・日本語辞典)

"Hierdie [boek] moet in jou Kerskous land ... Hierdie bieliewoordeboek is nie net ʼn aanwins vir reisigers nie, maar ook ʼn simbool van die internasionalisering van Afrikaans" - Gerhard van Huyssteen, executive director VivA (Virtuele Instituut vir Afrikaans)

This is a software version of the Afrikaans - Japanese Dictionary by Prof Ernst F. Kotzé et al., and runs on Microsoft Windows.

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This rich, comprehensive work is the culmination of over two decades of work by Prof Kotzé, in collaboration with Prof Takashi Sakurai (a fluent speaker of Afrikaans), with additional work and support from Prof Hideo Sawada, Prof Shigeki Kaji ILCAA (Institute for the Study of the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), Ms Ami Okabe, and more.

Afrikaans - Japanese Dictionary Screenshot (辞書)

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  • Mother-tongue Afrikaans pronunciation recordings
  • Over 13,750 entries
  • Advanced search
  • Color styles
  • Entry / Web Search and Entry / Image Search
  • Zoom Controls
  • Integrated User Guide
  • Integrated 'Mini' Grammar Reference
  • Additional annexures, including a.o. tables of language names and geographical (place) names

"This book is meant for two major target groups: Firstly, for Japanese speaking users who have no knowledge of Afrikaans, but also for those who possess some knowledge of Afrikaans and have the need to extend their proficiency of the language; and secondly, for Afrikaans speaking users who either have no knowledge of Japanese, or with some basis in Japanese, and wish to extend their proficiency in the language. The function of a dictionary such as this is to transmit content from one’s own language to, and express it in, the source language (encoding), but also to unlock the meaning of words and sentences from the other language, and understand it clearly (decoding). For this purpose, both an Afrikaans-Japanese and a Japanese-Afrikaans component (which will be completed shortly) are necessary. With this first volume, direct encoding for speakers of Afrikaans, as well as decoding for speakers of Japanese, are made possible. However, already at this stage, indirect encoding and decoding by way of back-translation is a possibility."

Press Coverage and References

litnet: Afrikaans, Afrika en Japan: Afrikaans-Japannese woordeboek "My ervaring, deurdat ek ook betrokke was by die samestelling van ’n Afrikaans-Zulu-woordeboek, is dat tweetalige woordeboeke nie net tweerigtingkommunikasie tussen sprekers van die betrokke tale bevorder nie, maar ook belangstelling prikkel in die taal en kultuur van die sprekers wat van twee kante by so ’n woordeboek betrek word"

Hierdie boeke moet in jou Kerskous land "Gaan jy binnekort Japan toe, of ontvang jy besoek uit Japan? Hierdie bieliewoordeboek is nie net ʼn aanwins vir reisigers nie, maar ook ʼn simbool van die internasionalisering van Afrikaans" - Gerhard van Huyssteen

Professor in Afrikaans na Japan oor woordeboek - Beeld

Japannees `bied sakelui voorsprong' "PROF. ERNST KOTZÉ van die Universiteit van Port Elizabeth, in samewerking met prof. Takashi Sakurai van die Meikai Universiteit, is die outeur van die wêreld se eerste kernwoordeboek in Afrikaans-Japannees-Engels. Dit is onlangs in Tokio gepubliseer" - Die Burger

Afrikaans sushi

An orthographic bridge between Japanese and Afrikaans - the choice of a roman transliteration system (Ernst Kotze; Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe - 'n Ortografiese brug tussen Japannees en Afrikaans - die keuse van 'n romeinse transliterasiesisteem; Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe, Volume 56 Number 2-1, Jun 2016, p. 438 - 453)

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows (Windows 7 or later)

Other Formats

This dictionary is also available in print (hardcopy), and there is also an online version available as part of the Pharos Online Dictionaries offering.