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Valentine's Day Software Update ❤

Date: 14 Feb 2018

Our free 'Valentine's Day Update' ❤ 💾 that adds cool additional new features for version 2018 for all users of tlTerm Terminology software, TLex Lexicography software, tlCorpus etc. is now available.

Current users can get the update* by simply using the usual methods for installing updates (e.g. the "Help/Check for updates" menu). NB: Please note that all Word/Excel-related functionality is unfortunately available for the Windows versions only.

The screenshot shows upgraded Microsoft Word integration functionality, new Excel integration, and also shows (in the new Multi-Document Smart-Search [available in TLex and tlTerm]), amongst others, auto-searching in TMX files (Translation Memory eXchange, here using EU science hub open TMX files for demonstration purposes) and TBX/XLIFF files, and also shows the OERTB 11-lingual South African Open Educational Resource TermBank within tlTerm.

(This potentially allows, for example, a TLex/tlTerm user to 'at their fingertips' access and see search results from within large Translation Memory's like the downloadable EU TMX data, while they work, either from within TLex/tlTerm or the Word/Excel plugin popup window. You can also e.g. load in your organization's own Translation Memory's or e.g. XLIFF or TBX (TermBase eXchange) data to this 'Multi-Document Smart-Search', as well as other actual TLex/tlTerm files.)

To open the Multi-Document Smart-Search, you can select it from the File or Edit menu, from the toolbar, or from the useful new 'general text commands menu' that is also integrated with this, as well as in various other places throughout the software.

Other new features in this update include some improvements/fixes to Right-to-left language support (e.g. Arabic/Hebrew), new 'always on top' window options for TLex/tlCorpus/tlTerm/tlDatabase, 'installable Lua plugin filters' under your Documents folder, new 'paragraph styles' option in the RTF export, new Word and Excel integration in tlCorpus [Windows only], a new 'Tools/Take screenshot' command [Windows only], new "Window/Previous window or tab (Ctrl+Shift+F6)" command, new detailed technical 'document memory usage statistics', and fixes to the built-in localisation editor to allow custom .lang files to be saved under your 'Documents' folder.

The CSV exporters and importers now also include options to export (and to use on re-import) the internal IDs of each entry to the first column. (This could assist with tasks such as, for example, exporting a list of terms, adding e.g. translations or definitions etc. in Excel, and bringing those changes back in, by allowing the CSV importer to know which spreadsheet row corresponds to which entry in tlTerm.)

For a detailed list of changes, see the ChangeLog.

If you have questions, please contact us.

To purchase, click here: http://tshwanedje.com/store/

To try the software, click here: http://tshwanedje.com/downloads/

Video explaining the main difference between TLex and tlTerm: https://youtu.be/VKCMx7IrgIc

Update FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How can I tell if I have the update?

A: In your software, select "Help/About" from the menu, and look for the "Build date" - if it is newer than Feb 14 2018, you have the update.

Q: How can I get the update?

A: *Unless you have been instructed to use a special build of our software (e.g. certain clients), then you can use "Help/Check for updates" to be directed to the latest installer. Or, just go to our downloads page, select the relevant software that corresponds to the license you own, and download and run the latest installer - it includes all the latest updates.

Video showing some of the new features in this update

tlTerm[/TLex] in Under 6 Minutes: Introductory Overview Video