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[New 3 Oct 2023] New lexicography article: "Generative AI and Lexicography: The Current State of the Art Using ChatGPT" [gmds]

The new 'Next-Generation' Version 2023 TLex, tlTerm, tlCorpus, tlDatabase, tlReader now with OpenAI GPT/ChatGPT integration! Augment and super-charge your lexicography, terminology and other work with new AI-augmented language work integration features!
All new licenses purchased now will get the new OpenAI integration functionality.
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lexicographyTLex Suite
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lexicography terminology corpus reader
TLex Dictionary Compilation Software Suite, bundle also includes:
+ tlTerm Terminology Software
+ tlCorpus Corpus Query Software
+ tlReader

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terminologytlTerm Standalone
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tlTerm Terminology Software
corpustlCorpus Standalone
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Concordance Software (Corpus Query Software)
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Generic XML-based data editing
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Free viewer for TLex, tlTerm and tlDatabase files [FREE]
 phpBB Afrikaans Language PackAfrikaans localization for the phpBB forum software [FREE]

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Electronic Dictionaries

zuluZulu - English DictionaryElectronic version of isiZulu.net
swahiliSwahili - English DictionarySwahili - English Dictionary
kalenjinKalenjin - English DictionaryKalenjin - English Dictionary
jaraiJarai - English DictionaryJarai - English Dictionary
Thai Svensk OrdbokThai Svensk OrdbokThai Svensk Ordbok (Thai - Swedish Dictionary)
translationtlTranslateTranslation Memory software (in development)

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• TLex and tlTerm User Guide

• tlDatabase User Guide

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videos Tutorial Videos for TLex, tlTerm, tlDatabase, tlCorpus

Product Information

• [English] Dictionary Production Solutions Overview
• [Afrikaans] Professionele Woordeboekmaak-oplossings (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)
• [简体中文] 专业的词典制作解决方案 (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)
• [Deutsch] Professionelle Lösungen für die Herstellung von Wörterbüchern (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)
• [Español] Soluciones profesionales de lexicografía (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)
• [Français] Solutions professionnelles de production de dictionnaires (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)
• [Kiswahili] Zana za Kitaaluma za kuhariria Kamusi (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)

• Online Dictionary Publishing System

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