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-Swahili - English Dictionary | Kamusi ya Kiswahili - Kiingereza

You can install a software version of our Swahili - English Dictionary for use on your own computer, with powerful functionality not available in the Web version, such as Microsoft Word Integration for instant translations:

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Windows Download the Swahili Dictionary (Version 1.0.9, Windows/PC)

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 Customer Compliments
"Thank you so much! This is the best Swahili dictionary I've ever found! It's so helpful, asante sana!"

"Your swahili dictionary has helped me a lot"

"Thanks again for the wonderful tool for the ones trying to learn kiswahili!"

"Awesome program!"

"Thanks, this is a great product!"
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Swahili - English Dictionary TshwaneDJe

The dictionary is fully functional, but time-limited in use until you enter an activation code, which you obtain upon purchase. This costs just $15 (or €12) - Buy Now » (for over 16,000 entries and phrases, and over 36,000 translation equivalents).

Buy Now

For activation instructions, click here (or follow the in-application instructions very carefully).

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10. (Not yet macOS or Android compatible, sorry.)

Sales help to support this dictionary - thank you to those that have purchased.

Swahili Dictionary Features and Screenshots

Swahili Dictionary

• Over 16,000 entries and phrases, over 36,000 translation equivalents, and over 20,000 words and phrases in the English index
• Fast startup
• Fast search
• Use the dictionary in either Swahili or English
• Hundreds of natural, real-world ("corpus-based") usage examples
• "Smart search" (morphological-decomposition-based) for Swahili compound words, e.g. "tunaosha":

Swahili Dictionary Decomposition Search

• Displays related cross-references (incoming and outgoing) of the current entry
• "Linked view" automatically displays related entries on the other side of the dictionary
• (Ideal for translators and learners) Microsoft Word Integration: Instantly see the results of dictionary lookups of the word you are standing on in Microsoft Word:

Swahili Dictionary Microsoft Word Integration

• Quickly launch Google search or Google image search for the currently selected word (with shortcut keys)
• Shows American and British English spellings:

British and American Spelling Variations

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Swahili Dictionary run on macOS?

Unfortunately not at this time, though if there is enough interest we may product a macOS version in future.

Does this Swahili Dictionary run on Android?

Unfortunately not at this time, though if there is enough interest we may product an Android version in future.

I lost my License Number, what do I do?

Try the License Recovery process.

Note that the 20-digit and 16-digit activation codes are only used once per installation, and never used again. If you install on a new computer, you must use your 9-digit License Number to follow the activation process again.

The 9-digit License Number does not expire and can be used anytime you need to re-activate using our website.

When I close the software, it doesn't seem to open when I try run it again until after a Windows restart

When you try close the software, it minimizes to the Windows taskbar System Tray area (usually near bottom right of screen) but continues to run. Look for the application's icon in the System Tray area (look for a "K") and then right-click on that to exit or re-open. We intend to improve this in a future release.