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The new 'Next-Generation' Version 2023 TLex, tlTerm, tlCorpus, tlDatabase, tlReader now with OpenAI GPT/ChatGPT integration! Augment and super-charge your lexicography, terminology and other work with new AI-augmented language work integration features!
All new licenses purchased now will get the new OpenAI integration functionality.
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News (Feb 2023): OpenAI AI Integration (GPT/ChatGPT) in TLex, tlTerm, tlCorpus, tlDatabase

[News Feb 2023] The new TLex ,tlTerm, tlCorpus, tlDatabase:

● Improve productivity and augment lexicography, terminology, corpus and other work with new OpenAI GPT integration (shown here entries auto-created by #GPT *)

● Use it to help with writing entries, checking and correction of grammar, creating sample definitions, examples, sense lists, and much more

Presentation 20th CODH seminar: 'On how ChatGPT can take over all of the dictionary maker's tasks' - Watch the Video of the Presentation:

We are excited to announce a new version of TLex, tlTerm, tlCorpus, tlDatabase and tlReader are now available, featuring integration with the OpenAI API. This integration can help to speed up lexicography and terminology and other work, augment and even automate language work and dictionary compilation with AI, and make the lexicography process more efficient and effective.

The OpenAI API is a powerful tool that can be used to generate natural language, perform language translation, and even create new language models. With this integration, TLex users can take advantage of these capabilities to improve their language work and create more accurate and comprehensive dictionaries.

Some of the new features that the OpenAI API integration brings to TLex include:

  • Faster generation of draft language translation, allowing for more efficient dictionary compilation across multiple languages.
  • The ability to generate natural language descriptions of entries, making it easier to write clear and concise definitions.

To try the latest version of TLex is now available for download from our website. We encourage you to explore the new capabilities that this integration provides and share your feedback with the community.

As always, thank you for your continued support of TLex. We are dedicated to providing the most powerful and effective lexicography software available, and we believe that this new OpenAI API integration will help to take our software to the next level.

* Note that OpenAI integration requires the use of your own OpenAI "API key", and that this is a third-party service (we are not responsible for the content generated, nor affiliated with OpenAI.) These AI language models are still research models, and may generate incorrect info, especially with less-frequently-spoken languages, so the content needs checking, though can be very useful to speed up and augment all language work.