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Knowledge Base : TshwaneDJe Software

The TshwaneDJe Knowledge Base contains a small collection of technical articles with information on specific issues to assist you with the configuration or use of our software. You can search through the Knowledge Base using the search box below, or by browsing the list of articles. We will continually be adding new articles over time. If you don't find a solution here, please also try the FAQ or other support resources.

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Known issues with different 'HTML window providers' (Web layout engine for Preview Area etc.)

The HTML provider (layout engine) is selected via the "View / HTML window provider (layout engine)" menu. This selects which "web browser engine" to use to generate the Preview Area (and other embedded browser instances in the software, e.g. under 'Search F3').

Prior to TLex Suite 2013, the default browser engine used in our software was 'Internet Explorer'. The default currently is 'wxWebkit'. In some cases, it may be desirable to change the selection, e.g. see below.

Note: As of April 2014 (beta release line) and Sep 2014 (official release line), we have integrated a new Web layout engine, "CEF3" (Chromium Embedded Framework) - this is now the PREFERRED option.


• No right-click Copy menu command (but "Ctrl+C" does work to copy selection to clipboard - like in 'view source')
• Small-caps doesn't display correctly (NB this affects the Preview Area ONLY and not exports, i.e. HTML or RTF exported documents will work fine) [Workaround: Use Internet Explorer 'HTML provider' instead]
• Right-to-left languages (Arabic, Hebrew etc.) may be handled worse than Internet Explorer currently [Workaround: Use Internet Explorer 'HTML provider' instead]
• More inclined to show hollow squares if the selected font (e.g. in Format/Styles) does not contain the character(s) in the data ["Correct" solution is to select font that does handle desired characters in Format/Styles, but an alternate workaround is to use Internet Explorer for now]

Internet Explorer

• "Show whitespace" option can cause slowness [Should be fixed as of Feb/Mar 2014]
• May cause invisible text cursor under Attributes F1 or other text edit boxes [Workaround: Use "wxWebkit" HTML window provider instead]
• For right-to-left languages, you may see small vertical lines in the Preview Area. Solution: Use wxWebkit or CEF3.

CEF3 (Chromium Embedded Framework)

• On some systems (this seems to be Window XP specific), the first update of an HTML window may be slow (e.g. +/- 1 second delay showing Help/About)

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