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Version 2019 Now Available for TLex Suite, tlTerm, tlCorpus, tlDatabase (See What's New ») All existing users get automatic free upgrades to the latest version.
TLex is 17 years old this year - thank you to all our customers/users who have supported us so far
[Mar 2018] Easter Update released with more new features! 🎥 VIDEO: WHAT'S NEW »
[Feb 2018] ❤ Valentine's Day Update released with many new features for tlTerm Terminology Software, TLex Lexicography Software, tlCorpus/tlDatabase etc. »
[Jul 2017] Volume discounts available for TLex, tlTerm, tlCorpus and tlDatabase »
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Please read these instructions carefully. Select a download link below:

All existing licenses have been upgraded for free to version 2019. Please note that License Numbers for version 2012 WILL work for versions 2013 and later, and vice versa!
- Windows/PC tlDatabase_Setup_11.1.0.2627.exe
To save the installer file to your hard disk, click on the link with the right mouse button and select "Save Target As". Once you have downloaded the file, run it (e.g. by double-clicking on it) to install the software. (If you already have an older version installed, this installer will automatically first uninstall the previous, and then install itself.)
- Apple Mac OS X
*Intel only
To install, open the DMG package, and drag the application icons onto your Applications folder.
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Software Activation

When you first run the software, it will ask to be activated. Simply follow the activation instructions carefully. You will need your 9-digit License Number (if you have lost or don't know your License Number, click here).

Re-activation is not usually required when updating. NB: If the software will be used by multiple Windows users on the same computer, you may need administrator rights at time of activation.


If you do not have a License Number, you can try out the software by clicking "EVALUATE" (some functional limitations may apply). See "Help/About" for the expiry date. At any time, you can purchase a License Number to activate the software and remove all limitations.

Internet Explorer Users

In Internet Explorer, you may need to follow the highlighted steps below (click "Actions", "More Options", "Run anyway") if you see a popup that looks like the following:
IE Step
→ Step 1: "Actions"
IE Step
→ Step 2: "More Options"
IE Step
→ Step 3: "Run Anyway"

Beta Builds [Advanced]

[Advanced] Users may download beta builds here. These contain upcoming new features still in testing. Beta versions are compatible with the official software releases, and you can easily change back at any time. The fourth digit of the number version corresponds to the same build number and date as the main releases.

[New 2018] In addition to the official beta builds, there is also a new line of 'bleeding-edge' alpha builds. These contain early functionality not yet in the beta releases, such as the new integrated Web/API server functionality. NB: If you try either the beta or alpha builds and have any problems, you can always easily go back to the main official releases, by just downloading and running the installer for whichever version you want.

Note also the final 4-digit portion of the version number is a strictly chronological/sequential build number, so e.g. a main official release of say '' indicates the build is newer than a beta or alpha buid with e.g. '' (just lacking the extra new bleeding-edge changes).
Beta: tlDatabase_Setup_11.1.0.2627.exe