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Software Downloads *

lexicographyTLex Suite("TshwaneLex")lexicography terminology corpus reader
TLex Dictionary Compilation Software Suite, bundle also includes:
+ tlTerm Terminology Software
+ tlCorpus Corpus Query Software
+ tlReader

[TLex/TshwaneLex users of ALL versions (8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1), download this]
terminologytlTerm StandalonetlTerm Terminology Software
corpustlCorpus StandaloneConcordance Software (Corpus Query Software)
databasetlDatabaseGeneric XML-based data editing
readertlReaderFree viewer for TLex, tlTerm and tlDatabase files [FREE]
Beta builds »Advanced users may download 'beta' versions here which contain new, "bleeding-edge" functionality, but which may be very very slightly less stable than the official releases.
 phpBB Afrikaans Language PackAfrikaans localization for the phpBB forum software [FREE]

Electronic Dictionaries

zulu* Zulu - English DictionaryElectronic version of
swahili* Swahili - English DictionarySwahili - English Dictionary
kalenjin* Kalenjin - English DictionaryKalenjin - English Dictionary
jarai* Jarai - English DictionaryJarai - English Dictionary
Thai Svensk Ordbok* Thai Svensk OrdbokThai Svensk Ordbok (Thai - Swedish Dictionary)
translationtlTranslateTranslation Memory software (in development)

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User Guides

• TLex and tlTerm User Guide

• tlDatabase User Guide

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Tutorial Videos

videos Tutorial Videos for TLex, tlTerm, tlDatabase, tlCorpus

Product Information

• [English] Dictionary Production Solutions Overview
• [Afrikaans] Professionele Woordeboekmaak-oplossings (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)
• [简体中文] 专业的词典制作解决方案 (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)
• [Deutsch] Professionelle Lösungen für die Herstellung von Wörterbüchern (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)
• [Español] Soluciones profesionales de lexicografía (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)
• [Français] Solutions professionnelles de production de dictionnaires (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)
• [Kiswahili] Zana za Kitaaluma za kuhariria Kamusi (Dictionary Production Solutions Overview)

• Online Dictionary Publishing System

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